Unlimited webinar recording access! Don't just get this recording, watch them all and explore all the amazing tools in the digestive good life tool box for free for a whole 30 days. If you stay in after that, is up to you. We want to prove to you that we will help!

What's included in your Toolbox?:

Access to 2 weekly video trainings (sometimes more) from the creators of the Rachel's Tea Program (Sonia, Mike and Rachel) that have personally coached thousands through digestive turmoil! We are bringing you into our world, to teach you what's current, what's working, what's new and what you should be doing to feel amazing after meals. You've got questions, we've got answers!

Food Calculators we created for during and after flares to make sure you know exactly what you can and can't eat

Flare Up Guide. Instructions for exactly what to do at the first sign of a flare.

​Eat Out Guide: Our world famous simple guide of the foods that are good and bad mixes for your day to day diet.

Soft Food Guide. When the flare has passed but before you jump back into regular foods, this will show you how to smoothly transition back to what you love.

​Digital Cook Book over 400 approved recipes for when you need ideas!

Digital Pain Free Foods Digestive Secrets book. A short and simple read to grasp the big picture of what's happening inside your body that causes trouble.

Digital Diverticulitis Pain Free Foods Book

Digital Colitis Pain Free Foods Book

Digital Crohn's Pain Free Foods Book

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